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DEADLINE: Toronto Review - Rebeca Huntt Reflects On Her Past In ‘Beba’

Updated: Jun 9

Rebeca “Beba” Huntt self-reflects on her upbringing and lingering generational trauma in her debut documentary film Beba which premiered at TIFF this weekend. Shot over eight years, Huntt opens up her world to show the tragedy and triumphs of her home life. Beba is also a New York story. As the audience views the environment through her lens, the audience watches Huntt’s transformation as the city changes around her. She focuses on her family who includes her Dominican father, Venezuelan mother, and two siblings.

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In her debut documentary, Rebeca Huntt excavates her family’s past in order to understand her present. Rebeca Huntt demands attention the moment Beba, her debut documentary premiering at TIFF, begins.