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INDIEWIRE: ‘Beba’- A Raw Self-Portrait of a NYC-Born Afro-Latina Staring Down Generational Trauma

TIFF: Rebeca “Beba” Huntt's hypnotic directorial debut takes no prisoners and leaves plenty of casualties.

First-time filmmaker Rebeca “Beba” Huntt opens her eponymous debut “Beba” — a complicated and bold self-portrait, exploring identity, internalized anti-Blackness, and generational trauma — with a declarative statement: “You are now entering my universe.” Her world, initially, is visually translated via a shaky cam walking through a twisty, moss-smeared forest. A woozy horn hypnotizes over a collage of images: Huntt swaying to the sea, people at the beach, her hand in the sand — all shot on a gorgeous 16mm. Her spoken-word poetry, wherein she says “violence lives in my DNA,” lays the groundwork for the next 79 unflinching minutes.

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In her debut documentary, Rebeca Huntt excavates her family’s past in order to understand her present. Rebeca Huntt demands attention the moment Beba, her debut documentary premiering at TIFF, begins.